Young people and young people’s organisations

“Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world”

Yoko Ono

Healthy Teen Minds is a Social Enterprise working to empower young people with lived experience of mental health

Young people who have experienced mental illness face significant barriers to entering work or education. We are working to change this. We believe lived experience is an asset and young people who have had their education or work journeys impacted by their mental health are undervalued, underutilised and exceptionally talented. We don’t just talk the talk on this, we have build our business around developing and amplifying the voices of young people; all our work is co-designed and co-delivered by young people with lived experience of mental health conditions.

Young people

We are always looking to engage with young people 13-25 with lived experience of mental health conditions through involvement in workshops, consultations and events. We particularly want to hear from you if you have been out of work and/or education for a while, as this would be a great opportunity to get back into work and get involved in some amazing projects that will positively impact other young people.

If you are looking for a part-time (three days per week) job we’d like to support you to join our next Amplify cohort (Young Advisor development programme), which starts in April 2023 and provides training, support and a job where your lived experience is an asset. Find out more about our Young Advisor – Amplify programme.

Contact: Chris Kerr, Head of Organisational Development,

Children and Young People’s Organisations

We are always looking to engage with any community-based organisations supporting young people. Healthy Teen Minds has successfully worked with partners across the UK to amplify the voices of local young people through our national work and support engagement through paid opportunities for young people and organisations to enable their participation. Learn more about our Approach to engagement and please get in touch to find out more and to ensure you’re alerted to our next engagement opportunities.

Contact: Stuart Dodzo, Co-production and Partnerships Coordinator,