“Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world”

Yoko Ono

Thank you for your interest in joining Healthy Teen Minds.

We are a Social Enterprise with big ambitions to change the future for children and young people. We believe the role young people can play in transforming the mental health ‘system’ is significantly undervalued and so we are working to challenge the status quo and enable young people-powered change.

We have moved to an ‘always open’ approach to recruitment.

We want to recruit exceptional people who share our values and want to support us to grow sustainably and increase our impact. If you’ve found us and gotten to this page, perhaps you can see yourself as the next member of our team. If so, we’d love to hear from you and your ideas about how you could contribute. You can reach out to us via e-mail or contact Robin on LinkedIn.

Advisory Board



Young Advisors
We are next recruiting Young Advisors to our join our Amplify programme starting in April 2023, however, you can start your engagement with us now by getting involved in one of our projects through involvement in workshops, consultations and events (Contact us).

We particularly want to hear from you if you have been out of work and/or education for a while, as this would be a great opportunity to get back into work and get involved in some amazing projects that will positively impact other young people.

If you have any questions or want to have a conversation about working at Healthy Teen Minds please contact