Organisations looking to enable change

“Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world”

Yoko Ono

People Unlimited is a Social Enterprise working to transform the way the world feels about mental health.

In addition to working with us directly to transform the mental health culture of your organisation we also welcome ideas about partnership opportunities that will help us to amplify the impact of our social mission.

A few ideas we’d love to partner with people or organisations on are:

– Work experience placements

– Careers talks (particularly from people who have experienced barriers to education or employment due to their health)

– Masterclasses (we love to learn from people with more experience)

– Employment opportunities for our Young Advisors after they complete the Amplify programme (they are exceptionally talented)

We’d also welcome ideas about partnership opportunities that we haven’t thought of or wouldn’t believe possible.

Contact: Stuart Dodzo, Co-production and People Coordinator,