People looking to create change

“Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world”

Yoko Ono

People Unlimited is a Social Enterprise working to transform the way the world feels about mental health.

We operate an ‘always open’ approach to recruitment. If you align with our social mission, company ethos and approach and think you have the creative energy, ideas and talent to help us achieve more impact and grow our business sustainable, then please Contact Us.

If you are a young person 13-25 you can find more about working with us here.

We have identified we want to build organisational knowledge of and recruit talented team members to including:

Graphic design
Community engagement
New business
Data analysis
Economic / impact evaluation

Coordinators / Associate Trainers / Freelancers

Our Coordinators are at the heart of our strategy to create more opportunities for young people at People Unlimited. Our Coordinators are exceptionally talented at empowering people to develop their skills, build confidence and deliver high quality work. Every Coordinator role we introduce is designed to support a team of young people as part of our Access Team. If you can see a future Coordinator role for yourself at People Unlimited we’d love to hear from you.

We also employ exceptional Associates to provide group facilitation for our workshops (with young people and/or professionals) and design and deliver mental health education. Our Associate work alongside our existing Leadership Team to complement their skills and allow us to increase the opportunities for engagement and involvement with our work. Associate Trainers may have a background in lived experience, youth participation, coproduction, training, mental health or any number of areas we won’t have imagined (but you might have!).

As we grow we also recognise the importance of working with freelance talent who may wish to work alongside us, bringing their skills and experience, but maintaining control over how they work and deliver. If you’re interested in working with us but want to build up that trust to understand more about who we are then this is likely the best entry route. We’d love to speak with you and hear how you could help.

Pay: Coordinators salary averages £30,000 to £40,000 per year;  Associate Trainers / Freelance roles £150-£500 per day depending on role/experience

Contact: Robin Barker, CEO & Co-producer,

Advisory Board members

We are actively looking for brilliant people to join our Advisory Board who can bring strategic insight, constructive challenge and support to our first time Founder CEO and growing team. We want to hear from individuals from outside health and social care, who can see the benefits of bringing their fresh perspective to our company journey. Ideally we’re looking for outsiders who when you support us in figuring out what our blind spots are, what we don’t know we don’t know, and how we can grow our impact in line with our vision and values.

Pay: To be agreed

Contact: Robin Barker, CEO & Co-producer,