Healthy Teen Minds has trained thousands of professionals working with children and young people 2013 and has built a reputation for accessible expertise and energetic delivery!

Below is a small sample of the feedback received:

“I would like to share with you that I felt your morning training was probably the best I have ever been on. You made people feel relaxed very quickly and your technique for teaching was unique and unforgettable. Well done!” SC, Family Liaison Officer

“I want to thank you for the course yesterday, I have been on billions of courses about these sort of subjects but this one I actually really enjoyed which is weird given the subject matter! I love your sense of humour and the way you delivered this sensitive info, I will recommend this course to all my colleagues!” NP, Senior Youth Worker

The training “made an extremely difficult topic easy to discuss and empowered me to realise that we ALREADY do a lot to assist CYP with mental health issues.” Anonymous, acute hospital staff.

“The training you delivered last week was both inspirational and informative.  You managed to deliver such a difficult and emotive subject in such a humorous way, a true skill.” JM, School Pastoral Team Leader

“I found your workshop and presentation in relation to Eating Disorders really interesting and extremely informative. I personally found the training quite refreshing especially seeing a facilitator who was able to allow for an element of fun and yet at the same time was still able to remain focused enough to present the necessary information about an important subject in a clear and accessible way. Well done for that, you kept me interested for the whole time, from start to finish just by having such a relaxed and unforced manner.” GC, School Counsellor

“I attended the training on Wednesday and very much appreciated your thoughtful and energetic delivery and most of all the pragmatic advice. Thank you very much for Wednesday and I really mean this. I now feel that I can give some useful guidance to students and parents whereas previously I felt quite helpless.” DA, Teacher

“I would like to say a big thank you for a very inspiring course, my staff were raving about how good you were” JM, School Manager

“I had been waiting for some self-harm training for a long time and you didn’t disappoint! It was interesting with lots of really valuable information and best of all some real tools for helping the young people we are working with – it was also, dare I say it with such a subject matter –  fun!” NB, Family Champion

“The speakers were very well-spoken – adding own experiences and humour which kept the session interesting. Having a young person was especially great.” Anonymous, acute hospital staff.

“Thanks so much for a really brilliant and informative training on eating disorders.” IW, Early Intervention Officer

“Thank you SO much – I have done so much self-harm training over the years and yours is the best” CD, Youth Offending Team Officer

“It was an excellent course and you are a great trainer!” SN, Specialist Safeguarding Advisor

“Thanks so much for these resources and for the session on Monday. I found it really enjoyable (as much as dealing with this topic can be) and extremely helpful for my role.” DB, Specialist Youth Worker

“I just wanted to thank you for the great training you delivered; not only was the training informative and gave me things to think about afterwards , but I felt you delivered it in such a great way” KL, Assistant Social Worker

“I just wanted to thank you for such an informative and helpful course that you ran last Friday. You made a subject that is often taboo far more approachable and understandable. I now feel more confident in listening and continually caring for children who seek me for advice.” CH, Childminder