Amplify – our Young Advisor development programme

Our Amplify programme recognises the brilliant contribution that young people with lived experience have to offer, and that with the right support you can build your confidence, knowledge and expertise in the workplace to go out and change the world. 

Amplify is a two year work and development programme that helps you to build experience in a job that you are passionate about, and sets you up for success in your future career. Year one is all about learning, training and development, building your skills in a real work environment. If you successfully complete the first year of the programme, you will be able to progress into year two, where you will further embed your skills in the workplace and build your leadership abilities. 

We particularly want to hear from you if you have been out of work and/or education for a while, as this would be a great opportunity to get back into work and get involved in some amazing projects that will positively impact other young people.

Our next Amplify cohort starts in April 2023, however, we want to hear from you now to get involved in consultations, workshops and events supporting one of our amazing Projects.

We have three development programmes available:

Join our Voice team to shape and improve how we tell our story. You will amplify the voices of young people with lived experience, as well as tell the stories of Healthy Teen Minds to ensure that the world knows about our work.

Join our Production team to ensure that young people’s lived experience of mental health is at the centre of all of our work. You will create amazing training resources and deliver sessions to health staff across the country.

Join our Delivery team to keep us organised and ensure that our amazing work is delivered on time and on budget. You will work closely with the Voice and Production team to create projects that have a big impact and improve the experiences of young people in mental health services.

Our Young Advisor roles are paid jobs with the same terms, conditions and benefits as members of the Healthy Teen Minds team.

Year 1 Young Advisor 2022 salary £18,546 per year
(£11,127.60 based on three day per week fixed-term contract)

Young Advisor (Year 2) 2022 salary £19,918 per year (£11,950.80 based on three day per week fixed-term contract)

Learn more about Amplify directly from our Young Advisors filmed as part of our live recruitment event